While we wait for the next winter storm, the city of Davenport wants to remind residents about its snow plan, and to be patient if it takes a while to plow their street.

War Eagle vs. Itasca

Jan 12, 2021

This is Roald Tweet on Rock Island.

The most famous steamboat race ever chronicled on the Upper Mississippi River was between a tortoise and a hare in 1856. And as you learned in the pages of your third-grade reader, such a race is not always a foregone conclusion.

RME Hosts 200th Music Lab

Jan 11, 2021
River Music Experience

Thursday, January 7th was a special day for River Music Experience in Davenport and its nearly 10-month-old Music Lab program.

City of Rock Island

Despite the pandemic Rock Island had a good year in 2020, and should be just as strong or stronger this year. That was the message Monday from Rock Island Mayor Mike Thoms during his annual State of the City address to members of the Rotary and Kiwanis clubs.

Rock Island County will hold the its first drive-through COVID vaccination clinic Tuesday. It's only for health care workers and will be held at the Greater Quad City Auto Auction in Milan.

Nita Ludwig, Administrator of the county health department, says anyone getting the vaccine will have to show the appropriate identification. The next group eligible will be what's called "essential workers," that includes police, fire, teachers, bus drivers, day care workers, and employees of the Post Office.

Brooms and Antlers

Jan 11, 2021

This is Roald Tweet on Rock Island.

Even the Mississippi River seems to know when it has crossed the Mason-Dixon line. The Upper Mississippi is a Yankee protestant-work-ethic river, always busy. The lower Mississippi below Cairo, Illinois, where the Ohio comes in, is a grander, more leisurely affair—a world of colonels and judges and mint juleps. No wonder that Currier and Ives chose to immortalize the steamboat race between the Natchez and the Robert E. Lee rather than between the small, plain packet boats north of St. Louis.

(Update: 1/15/2021)

The number of COVID-19 deaths in the Quad Cities has reached 443, with 282 Rock Island County residents and 161 Scott County residents. The number of confirmed cases is now 26,836, with 11,583 in Rock Island County and 15,253 in Scott County.

In Rock Island County, 38 residents are in the hospital with the coronavirus infection. And in Scott County, there are 28.

Test positivity rates are dramatically lower compared to mid-November. See charts below for more details.  

The graph below shows trends over time of COVID-19 cases and deaths in the Quad Cities. Note the difference in recent decreases in Rock Island County deaths (red line) and Scott County deaths (black line).  

The image below is a simple line graph of COVID-19 cumulative cases. 

This graph shows both daily and cumulative COVID-19 deaths.   

Above is a view of Rock Island County and Illinois Region 2 seven-day rolling average test positivity rates (percentage). And below is a more limited view of Scott County seven-day moving average individual test positivity rates.     

The following graph shows monthly Quad Cities cases and deaths.

The next one shows Rock Island County cases and deaths reported during the first halves of the past four months.

The latest statistics about COVID-19 in Rock Island County long term care centers is shown below. The number of "open" cases is 992 over the last month. That's 77% of the total since the pandemic began (1,296).

Iowa does not provide similar data for Scott County. The Iowa DPH COVID-19 website currently shows one facility, Ridgecrest Village, has had 22 cases with 14 recoveries in the last two weeks. That means eight cases are "active" (similar to "open" in Illinois).  

(Previous version: 1/10/2021)

As of Sunday, the total number of Quad Cities COVID-19 cases is 26,302 (11,341 in Rock Island Co., 14,961 in Scott Co.) with 431 deaths (276 in Rock Island Co., 155 in Scott Co.).