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IL Appeals FEMA Denial of Household Flood Recovery Funds

People in Illinois won't get any help from FEMA to recover from this year's record-breaking floods. Unless the federal agency changes its mind after an appeal from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency. Michelle O'Neill reports.

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Jeff Adamson

ComedySportz, a QC improv group, will end it's 30-year run this month. Founder and co-owner Jeff Adamson will convert the group into G.I.T Improv that will host shows with local and national comdians. 

SpaceX has successfully launched 60 communications satellites using a single rocket.

It's the second time in less than a year that Elon Musk's company has made such a launch, marking a dramatic increase in the number of satellites in orbit.

Over the next year, SpaceX and a rival company, OneWeb, plan to put hundreds of networked satellites in orbit to eventually provide high-speed Internet to any point on Earth. But critics worry that lax regulations, poor infrastructure and Musk's go-fast ethos could lead to chaos.

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Are there any words or phrases you really wish people would stop using to describe women chefs (or really, women, period)?

Charlotte Druckman put this question to over 100 female chefs and food writers for her book, Women on Food, a compendium that corrals a range of voices from marquee names like Nigella Lawson and Rachael Ray to the pioneering 92-year-old writer Betty Fussell, who still gets into the van at her retirement home in Santa Barbara, Calif., to buy raw cream and nectarines at the farmers market.

The search is officially underway for a new superintendent for the Bettendorf schools. The board of education has hired a consultant to help, and last week approved the search process.

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Hong Kong police shot an apparently unarmed protester on Monday, fueling outrage among pro-democracy activists on a day of violent clashes. In a separate incident, a man was set on fire during an argument about the demonstrations that have roiled the city.

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Copyright 2019 NPR. To see more, visit https://www.npr.org.

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