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LOVE Girls: The Podcast

LOVE Girls contributors sit down with young women from the Quad Cities and beyond for intimate conversations about young adulthood, touching on difficult topics such as mental health while also having some fun along the way.

LOVE Girls: The Podcast is sponsored by Dress for Success Quad Cities

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Latest Episodes
  • In this episode a teen living in a shelter during senior year shares her experience and what keeps her going. This episode is hosted by Darrionna Harrisson, Mariah Martinez and Kayla Babers.
  • In this episode of "Love Girls", Kayla, Mariah, and Dariana engage in a thought-provoking discussion on various impactful topics. They start by addressing a recent racially charged incident on a boat in Montgomery. Dariana, being a teenager, provides her perspective, expressing her disapproval of the violence while also highlighting the unacceptable disrespect towards African Americans.The conversation then takes a more somber turn as they discuss the tragic murder of 10-year old Bre'Asia Terrell in their community in 2020. Kayla shares her deep sorrow as she recalls following the trial and hearing the distressing details, emphasizing how this terrible fate could have befallen any one of them. They discuss the insensitivity of treating true crime as mere entertainment, failing to acknowledge the pain experienced by the victims and their families.The speakers also delve into the disappointing hoax kidnapping case of Carly Russell earlier in 2022. They express their frustration at how this deceitful act undermined important efforts to raise awareness about missing black women and girls. Kayla specifically voices her anger at Russell for wasting valuable resources for personal attention.Shifting gears, the discussion turns towards the societal pressures fueled by social media, particularly the influence on women to undergo cosmetic surgeries. One of the speakers shares a personal tragedy, having lost a family member during a procedure. Dariana then recounts her own experience of overcoming body-shaming and learning to love her own body.As the podcast draws to a close, Mariah emphasizes the significance of organizations like Love Girls Magazine in empowering young girls and making a positive impact on their lives. They highlight the support, opportunities, and assistance in developing self-esteem and self-worth that these organizations provide. The speakers encourage any struggling girls to reach out for help, emphasizing the importance of seeking support during challenging times.
  • Our guest this episode is Sarah Van Vooreen. She is a three time Guinness World Record Holder. She is co-founder of Atoot a nonprofit in rural Nepal which avails marginalized girls equal sporting and educational opportunities. This episode is hosted by Kayla Babers and Teen host, Lola Nakashima Brooke.
  • During our Media Arts Summer Camp at Edison Junior High School in Rock Island, students produced a podcast about their thoughts on school violence. Rock Island students were joined by special guests from the Love Girls Magazine team, including Iowa Youth Poet Laureate, Lola Nakashima Brooke. Hosts: Dalaysia Dixon and Kyla Nephew.
  • The mission of LGM has always been to uplift the voices of young women. To help us continue this legacy, we are welcoming a new cast of co-hosts! Mariah Martinez is a long-time volunteer of LOVE Girls Magazine. She has a passion for service, mental health and making a difference. Kayla Babers has been with LGM from the start. She works behind the scenes as a photographer and editor, and is always willing to step into whatever role needs to be filled.This episode is all about our hosts. Led by Dalaysia Dixon, you'll get insight about experiences shaped these young women into who they are today.
  • Dr. Angela Anderson and host, Kayla Babers, share their stories of surviving life-threatening Cardiopulmonary crises and their struggles in navigating the U.S. health-care system.This episode is hosted by Mariah Martinez, Kayla Babers and host in training, Kyla Nephew.
  • Podcast hosts talk about the New York Times Bestseller, "Dear Martin" with fans and author, Nic stone. This episode is hosted by Kayla Babers and Mariah Martinez.
  • 16-year-old Maritza Cervantes requires a wheelchair, but refuses to let that stop her from pursuing her dream of a career in fashion and modeling. This episode is hosted by Kayla Babers and Mariah Martinez. Hosts in training are Aviana Acton and Brianna Haney.
  • Essence W. talks with the LGM team about the excitement and challenges of pursuing a career in dance. The hosts are Kayla Babers and Mariah Martinez. The hosts in training are Kyla Nephew and Dalaysia Dixon.
  • The Love Girls Magazine team welcomes Dr. Noelle Trent from the National Civil Rights Museum in Memphis, TN. Hosted by Kayla Babers and Mariah Martinez. Hosts in training: Kyla Nephew.