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A Real Piece of Work

Matt Rebro of Russell Construction and Joy Dodson of PeakJoy talk with people from a wide variety of professions about what they do, how they got started, and how you might follow in their footsteps. Trying to figure out the right career for you? Check out A Real Piece of Work: The Job Podcast for Young People.

A Real Piece of Work is a partnership between Junior Achievement of the Heartland and WVIK, Quad Cities NPR.

Latest Episodes
  • YOU are the designer of your career story! Have you ever thought about how the approach to life and design can be so parallel? How impactful is the space you live in? Have you ever considered the amount of research, thought, and organization that goes into a well designed and inspirational space? As one of the next ARPOW guests states “once the why is understood, the how becomes far clearer!”
  • Say YES to this opportunity! Join Matt & Joy LIVE from Forest Grove Elementary as they explore the world of farming and beyond with a curious group of 4th graders and Hans Schneckloth, President of Schneckloth Farms. Note: You won’t just learn about farm life on this podcast episode!
  • Claire Stein is guilty; guilty of switching careers, returning to school and earning her associates degree in court reporting. And now, NOW she is a “guardian of the record”. It all stemmed from Law & Order. (Can you hear the clang playing in your head?)
  • Does your job require you to sit at a desk? Do you sit in chairs while waiting at the doctor or while attending classes? Have you ever thought about the knowledge and research that goes into the chair you sit in or the desk in front of you? Do you realize that the people designing your every day furniture truly care about you and your wellness through the products they design?
  • Or in this case, hear all about it on this episode of A Real Piece of Work. Join Matt and Joy as they explore this fascinating career in the news world. David Robbins Jr. is a page designer at The Washington Post, designing the sports and A-sections (State and National Politics, Finance and World sections). Do you love writing? Have you ever wondered what a career in page designing would be like? Tune in and listen to David’s advice in this podcast; DREAM BIG, stay connected and don’t forget about that Linked In page.
  • Are you letting the “things not happening NOW” take the mojo out of your dream? How do you know when to take your musical passion or hobby and turn it into your career? Drum roll please… as Matt and Joy connect with Tim Very, drummer/song-writer of the American indie rock band, Manchester Orchestra. On this episode of A Real Piece of Work, Tim dives into the challenges and perks of being a professional musician. Are you a creature of habit? Can you motivate yourself? Do you dream of being on the road touring? Listen and learn about life as a drummer and don’t forget to add The Gold, Tim’s favorite song, to your playlist.
  • Don’t rule anything out. This episode is a must listen to for anyone exploring the next steps on their career journey. She’s a carpenter; what is your super power? Along her career journey Cathy held titles of personal trainer, police officer and phlebotomist before she discovered her skills and passion in an industry she wasn’t all too familiar with. Listen to a vibrant carpenter apprentice (also featured in “The Dirt” construction publication) boast about the day to day excitement of a new career that she couldn’t be happier or more proud to have found. Have you tried out all of the tools in YOUR toolbox?
  • On this episode of A Real Piece of Work, Matt and Joy connect with Jenny Foss, self-employed and self-titled, Job Search Strategist and Founder/CEO of jobjenny.com. Listen as Jenny talks about the path she took that led her to becoming an entrepreneur, and how it’s important to always follow your passion, but make sure you have the skills to back it up. If you’re thinking about starting your job search soon, this is the podcast to listen to! Jenny gives tips of how to create a great resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile when you’re just starting out, and advises to go beyond the obvious when searching for your dream career. The Junior Achievement student question is provided by Claire from Pleasant Valley High School.
  • Join Matt and Melissa for this episode of A Real Piece of Work as they go on site to John Deere Davenport Works to speak with James Hotchkiss, Heath Palmer, and Abby Parsons about careers in manufacturing. If you have entertained the idea of going into the manufacturing industry, specifically welding, this podcast is for you! Hear the group talk about the High School Registered Apprenticeship Program, how you can get involved, and the immense benefits of a local manufacturing program such as this. They discuss the skills you will learn throughout the program, what educators can do to help students prepare for career success, and what day to day life looks like in the manufacturing industry. The group answers questions from educators, students, and industry professionals.
  • On this episode of A Real Piece of Work, Matt and Joy are joined by Jenny Haag, Founder and President at RISE Design Build Integration. Jenny started her career with the Minnesota Vikings and through her many positions there, she was inspired to start her own business focused on venue construction for sports teams. She tells us some tips and tricks regarding what it takes to be a female in male dominated industries. Jenny believes that with teamwork and strong relationships, you can achieve anything. The Junior Achievement student question comes from Josie from Wahlert Catholic High School.