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WVIK interviews artists from all different genres and all over the Quad Cities about their work.

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  • Listen to the conversation here with Bassel Almadani about the deeply meaningful contributions that immigrants make within their adoptive countries; how he creatively connects a difficult and often dark subject matter with music that is inherently light and upbeat; and the empathy and understanding that he hopes to inspire through his music.
  • Listen to the conversation here with Ariel Arbisser about the joys of songwriting, the unique training that a cappella groups provided her both collegiately and professionally, and her work as a performance coach in Ithaca, NY.
  • The pianist Byron (B.K.) Davis is the first Black Steinway International Artist from Iowa, and Polyrhythms’ Third Sunday Jazz series is welcoming him to the stage this Sunday, October 17, 2021 at the Redstone Room.
  • Listen to our conversation here about her introduction to gospel music through her church in the Quad Cities, the necessary musical skills she learned while subsequently living in New Orleans after hurricane Katrina with her family, and the sense of freedom and limitless expression she has experienced with the act of re-naming herself.
  • Listen to the conversation here with educator Dan Christian about some of the unique structural elements of the Divine Comedy, how Dante’s use of the vernacular language helped set the stage for higher levels of future literacy, and why it has remained relevant for readers throughout the centuries.
  • Listen to our conversation here about the duality between his professional and musical careers, the innate ability of music and dance to facilitate communication, and the evolution of Latin Jazz from both African and Cuban rhythms and percussion instruments.
  • Listen to the conversation here with Elizabeth Moen about her emergence within the musical scene while completing her undergraduate degree at the University of Iowa, the transition to writing her own songs and lyrics, and how intimate and locally owned music venues are essential to newly developing artists.
  • Listen to the conversation here with guitarist, composer, and educator Steve Grismore about his 50-year career in music, his role as an educator at the University of Iowa as well as numerous other academic institutions (including both Augustana College and Black Hawk College in the Quad Cities), and his hopes for the Iowa City Jazz Festival which he co-founded in the early 1990’s.
  • Listen to the conversation here with contemporary art collector Jordan D. Schnitzer about the importance of stewardship in the arts, the philosophy behind his extensive exhibition and lending program, and the impact he feels art has on the quality of people’s lives.
  • Listen to the conversation here with activist Moselle Singh about the impetus behind the formation of the Solidarity Collaboration, her belief that all people should be able to listen to music safely, and how as a community we can strive to make our entertainment spaces safer.