Corporate Support

Whether your business is large, small, retail, business-to-business, governmental, nonprofit, multi-state, or around the corner-there is tremendous visibility in underwriting programming on WVIK, Quad Cities NPR.

When you underwrite programming on WVIK, our listeners will identify your name, products, and services with the high-quality programs they love, and that you have made possible through your support. WVIK audiences understand and appreciate quality, they value services that they can trust, and they are loyal to underwriters who provide the community support essential for public broadcasting.

Underwriting WVIK has many benefits...

  • Your message reaches an affluent, educated audience with abundant resources.
  • Your message is not lost in a barrage of commercials.
  • Your message is associated with one of the most trusted, intelligent, prestigious institutions in America.

Underwriting on WVIK is a local investment that benefits our communities.

More about buying underwriting on WVIK

If you would like to learn more about how underwriting can fit into your corporate plan, contact Amber Nowak, Director of Corporate Support Associate or Kathleen Hanna, Corporate Support Associate.