Captain Worden

May 4, 2021

This is Roald Tweet on Rock Island.

Captain Jones Worden became such an important Upper Mississippi riverman that he ended up in several biographical dictionaries. In each of these entries, however, several years of his life were erased, all because of a printer's error.

Marianna Bacallao / WVIK News

The COVID-19 vaccination clinic at the Camden Centre in Milan is now accepting walk-ins whenever it's open.

City of Davenport

The city of Davenport wants to help residents of some older neighborhoods fix up their homes. Applications are now being accepted for the third round of the Dream Project.

Community and Economic Development Director Bruce Berger says the goal is neighborhood re-vitalization, and homeowners can qualify for up to 20,000 dollars to pay for exterior improvements.

"So, repairing the windows, maybe the front stoop needs some work, re-painting - those are things, all exterior in nature, that have a huge neighborhood impact."

Marianna Bacallao, WVIK News

The Mississippi Valley Regional Blood Center is changing its name to ImpactLife to unify its locations in Springfield, Davenport, and Urbana. The change comes as blood donations across the four-state region have dropped to all-time lows. 

Watch US Rep. Cheri Bustos' video announcement about her decision not to run for reelection.

Photo by Kelly Lao

The Kinogarten film series is a collaboration between the German American Heritage Center (GAHC) in Davenport and Rozz-Tox in Rock Island.   Free of charge, all six films will be shown on the first Friday of each month from April through September of 2021 in the intriguing outdoor garden space at Rozz-Tox. 

Did you know?  The German word for cinema is kino while garten translates to garden.

The remaining films are:

Steamboat Economics

May 3, 2021

This is Roald Tweet on Rock Island.

Mark Twain would have us believe that boys along the Mississippi in his day longed to become steamboat captains because of the romance of those floating wedding cakes and the mystery of the great Mississippi itself. A closer look might reveal a deeper and far more American reason to take up steam boating: money.

Bee Branch Creek Restoration

May 1, 2021