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Former Dixon Comptroller Rita Crundwell could be eligible to receive a large sum of money when she leaves prison. WNIJ's Jenna Dooley spoke with Sauk Valley Media's Matt Mencarini who has been reporting on the case.

Sauk Valley Media's Matt Mencarini talks about Rita Crundwell's pensions

With the death of Illinois Comptroller Judy Baar Topinka, it would seem that the next step is for the Governor to appoint a successor.  However, election officials are unsure about the process:

The constitution says the governor would choose someone to fill out the term until the next election. Except the term ends January 12  and an election has already been held.   State Board of Elections Director Rupert Borgsmiller says they are not sure how to handle it:

"Nobody knows at this point by looking at the  constitution and the election code itself"

Illinois Public Radio

This week on Midwest Week, a look at the Illinois General Assembly's fall veto session - what was accomplished and what was put off until next year, or later.

submitted / Rock Island Police Department

Nice weather and a longer season are helping archers harvest more deer in Rock Island. Since the city-controlled hunt began two months ago, 40 deer have been killed compared to just six last winter.

WVIK Staff

 A blocked street in Moline is going to stay blocked all winter. Today the Illinois Department of Transportation announced River Drive at I-74 will NOT re-open as planned this month.

Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Black pastors want to prevent a fatal shooting, like the one in Ferguson, Missouri, from happening in Davenport. Monday morning (mon), Rogers Kirk from Third Missionary Baptist Church led a news conference and discussion with the mayor, police chief, and others to address police and race relations.  

Quad City Times

This week on Midwest Week, planning for the future of the the Niabi Zoo in Coal Valley.

Rock Island Clean Line / Rock Island Clean Line

A controversial proposal to build a new electrical transmission line across Iowa and Illinois has won approval for the Illinois portion of the project. Tuesday the Illinois Commerce Commission gave its permission to Rock Island Clean Line. 

City of Rock Island / City of Rock Island

Defendants in the Jumer's Crossing court case want the City of Rock Island to pay their attorneys' fees. This morning, Judge Lori Lefstein heard arguments from the Big Island River Conservancy District, Village of Milan, four Rock Island residents, and others. She also heard from attorneys representing the City of Rock Island. 

   Residents and businesses in Galesburg may soon start paying a new fee. Monday night the city council will discuss setting up a stormwater utility.