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Illinois Republicans are going all out to defeat a member of the Illinois Supreme Court. Tuesday State Chairman Tim Schneider held news conferences in several cities to announce the formation of the Vote NO on Kilbride grassroots coalition. 

Tim Carney discusses his book, Alienated America: Why Some Places Thrive While Others Collapse, and why many Trump voters view the American Dream as dead, the economic and cultural divide that separates America, and why we should be more worried about churches closing than factories closing. This book adds to the ongoing analysis of the 2016 election outcome and its meaning for America.

screenshot / Illinois Office of the Governor

Illinois Governor J.B. Pritzker and leaders in Rock Island are urging people to make sure they're counted in the census.

Marianna Bacallao reports the governor came to the Martin Luther King Center on Friday to discuss the importance of the count to receive federal funding and to be represented in Congress. 

Iowa State Senator Mariannette Miller-Meeks (R-41) is running for the open 2nd congressional seat which includes Scott County. She discusses the federal response to the coronavirus pandemic, the need for further Covid recovery assistance, relations with China and health care.

Theresa Greenfield, Democratic candidate for the US Senate in Iowa, discusses additional Covid relief funding, trade, relations with China, the ag economy and much more. She also talks about how Democrats can appeal to working class voters especially in the critical river counties in eastern Iowa that voted for Obama twice in 2008 and 2012 and then Trump in 2016.

Census Deadline Soon

Sep 14, 2020

Time is running out to participate this year's US Census. Because of the pandemic, and action by Congress, the deadline is now just about two weeks away.

Michael Kruse, Senior Staff Writer for POLITICO and POLITICO magazine, discusses his focus on ‘Trumpology’ including the president’s recent “rhetorical evolution” and ability to “tell history his way.” He also talks about the 2020 presidential race, whether there are still undecided voters, and the key voting demographic that will likely decide the race.

Joe Klein, former TIME columnist, author and political commentator, talks about the 2020 election, historical comparisons and the impact of civil unrest as the campaign heads into the post-Labor Day final stretch. He also discusses the continuing relevance of Woody Guthrie to American labor, culture and music on the 40th anniversary of the publication of his biography Woody Guthrie: A Life.

Despite hard-working employees, the Scott County Attorney's office is "rapidly approaching a breaking point." That's the conclusion of a consultant hired to evaluate the office, and Thursday night the board of supervisors will consider hiring two more attorneys.

Andy C, / Wikimedia Commons

Quad Cities Congresswoman Cheri Bustos blames the Senate Majority Leader for delays in passing bills to help the post office and provide COVID relief.

The U.S. representative from Moline says two weeks ago, the House passed a bill to require the post office to return to operating like it did at the beginning of the year.

She says the bill is sitting on Mitch McConnell's desk along with hundreds of others.