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Vaccines for the coronavirus are being rolled out much faster than usual, but don't worry. That's according to Doctor Louis Katz, Medical Director of the Scott County Health Department. He says the process is careful but streamlined compared to past drug approvals.

He calls it a "public health emergency" that during the last nine months, more than 250,000 people have died in the US due to COVID-19.

Josh Kraushaar, political reporter for the National Journal and host of the Against the Grain podcast, talks about the 2020 election, Trump’s legacy, realignment, polling, white working class voters and the role of the news media.

Dante Chinni, a political writer for the Wall Street Journal and NBC News contributor, analyzes the 2020 election results including the differences among American suburbs and Latino voters as well as challenges facing both parties moving forward. Chinni also directs the American Communities Project at George Washington University.

Property taxes will probably go down next year in Moline. Tuesday night the city council will discuss a propossed budget for next year with a lower levy and tax rate.

The budget for East Moline will probably not change very much next year. Monday night, the city council discussed spending 45.5 million dollars in 2021, an increase of about four and-a-half per cent.

Amanda Vinicky, WTTW Chicago Tonight correspondent and former political reporter for NPR Illinois and the Illinois public radio network, talks about the 2020 election results in Illinois and the impact on state government in 2021. She provides analysis on the Fair Tax Amendment, Justice Kilbride retention, the role of Speaker Madigan and much more. / Sasaki

People affected by last year's record flood in Davenport are invited to tell the city about their experiences, and what they think about flood protection. 

Despite some extra expenses, the pandemic has not had a huge impact yet on Scott County's finances. Thursday night, David Farmer, Director of Budget and Administrative Services, reported to the county board.

Moline may help its businesses hurt by the latest state-ordered shutdown during the pandemic. Tuesday night, the city council will consider approving a grant program for bars and restaurants that are now prohibited from serving any customers indoors.

Erin Murphy, Des Moines Bureau Chief for Lee Enterprises, talks about the election results in Iowa from the presidential race down to the state legislature. He His analysis includes a discussion of polls, strategy, demographic trends and whether Iowa remains a battleground state or is more firmly red (Republican).