Suspect Charged in the Death of Breasia Terrell

Nine months after she disappeared, charges have been filed for the murder of a Davenport girl. 48-year-old Henry Dinkins is charged with first degree murder and first degree kidnapping for the death of 10-year-old Breasia Terrell. At a news conference this morning, Scott County Attorney Mike Walton said she was fatally shot, but declined to give any details that could influence the trial. “While announcing charges is a significant step in this case, it’s important to understand that bringing...

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My Second Home on the Water

11 hours ago

This spring Steve Stuttard reunited with an unusual friend: Mrs. Mallard, a duck that nested in the fuchsia planter on his ninth-story apartment balcony in Manchester, U.K., last year. Upon her return, she laid 11 eggs in a planter filled with grass.

"I know ducks have strange routines when it comes to nesting, and mallards, if they have a successful site, they will return to it," says Stuttard, a retired Royal Navy survival specialist and an avid bird lover since childhood.

A pioneering investor who ran Yale University's endowment, David Swensen, died this week at the age of 67 after a years-long battle with cancer. Swensen revolutionized the way many colleges invest, infusing some schools and nonprofits with vastly more resources to pay for things like financial aid for students and research.

Swensen was widely regarded by other investors as one of the greatest in the world. Case in point: He grew Yale's endowment from $1 billion in 1985 to $31 billion last year.

I first heard of National Public Radio when it broadcast the Senate hearings into the Watergate scandal live, in the summer of 1973.


12 hours ago

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Lightning Fill In The Blank

12 hours ago

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He's 103. He got his COVID vaccine. And he wants you to get one, too.

That's the message that Aziz Abdul Alim, who is from the remote valley of Upper Chitral of northern Pakistan, wants to tell the world. He received the second dose of the Sinopharm vaccine on April 24. And he's happy to report he's had no side effects so far.

"If a 100-above-year-old man like me can feel perfectly fine, everyone should have the courage to take it," he says. "There is no reason one should not take the vaccine."

SEOUL — The cold light of winter shines down on a hillside temple in Seoul. It gleams on the billowing red, yellow and blue robes of shaman Jeong Soon-deok, as she twirls in circles. It glints off the ceremonial knives, bells and fans she waves through the air.

The man standing before her in simple white robes is her newest initiate. Jeong's aim is to throw open the doors of the spirit world so the gods of sun, moon and mountains and the spirits of ancestors and children may enter him.

The Cities - Pgm #1124

13 hours ago


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