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"Not everyone who has the sniffles needs to be tested."

Michelle O'Neill reports that's what the Medical Director of the Scott County Health Department says about the current protocol for coronavirus testing.

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A local hospital is inviting people to learn how to prevent someone from bleeding to death. Tomorrow, Genesis and MEDIC EMS will host classes called, "Stop the Bleed" in Davenport. 

Unemployment continued to fall in the Quad Cities in August, falling from 5.3 per cent last year to 4.5 per cent last month. 

Unemployment Fell in June

Jul 27, 2017

Unemployment dropped sharply in the Quad Cities last month. The Illinois Department of Employment Security says it fell from 5.4 per cent a year ago, to 4.5 per cent in June - nearly one percentage point.

colorful screenshot from the home page of Hospital Art Foundation showing six rectangles that form a mural of a peacock and flowers / Foundation of Hospital Art

For at least a couple of hours, cancer patients in the Quad Cities will have fun working together to create art. Tomorrow morning, the Foundation for Hospital Art will host "Paintfest America" at Genesis Cancer Care Institute in Davenport. / Abcodia,

A more accurate test for ovarian cancer is now available in the Quad Cities. But insurance companies won't pay for it yet. On Friday, the Norma Leah Foundation announced local women may request the ROCA blood test.

Nadia Altomare is the CEO of Abcodia, which is based in the United Kingdom with a branch in Boston. It developed the ROCA test over 30 years, concluding with a 15-year clinical trial with 200,000 women.

Room with security-type windows for medical marijuana sales
Matt Stern, submitted / Nature's Treatment of Illinois

A Quad Cities man who's well-known as the head of Stern Beverage in Milan has become an advocate for medical marijuana. Matt Stern and ten employees now sell cannabis products at his new store, Nature's Treatment of Illinois.

Illinois is reporting widespread flu activity earlier than most years.  Widespread means the flu is showing up statewide.  Illinois tracks people hospitalized for the flu. That number is above 200 with nearly half the cases in the week that ended December 13th. 


A local hospital wants to involve residents in the largest expansion in its history. Today, Trinity Rock Island launched a fundraising campaign for its new Heart Center and emergency department.