Davenport City Council

The City of Davenport

The Davenport City Council is considering the possibility of police reform. Earlier this week, it began hearing recommendations from the city's Civil Rights Commission on how to improve relations between law enforcement and minority communities. 

Hoping to help some local businesses recover from the pandemic, Davenport may allow restaurants to set up tables on the sidewalk. Wednesday night the city council will consider sidewalk dining downtown, in the Hilltop Campus neighborhood, and in the Village of East Davenport.

City of Davenport

Just in time for the pandemic and social distancing, Davenport is trying an experiment - offering a new way for people to get involved with local government. This week it debuted an e-comment feature for city council meetings.

Renovations for Downtown Davenport Library

Jun 12, 2019
Davenport Public Library

Tonight, the Davenport City Council will consider hiring an architect to design renovations for the Main Library downtown. A master plan was completed in January, and now it's ready to move on to the "next phase" of the project.

Michelle O'Neill

Davenport will limit the use of fireworks next year. Tuesday night, the city council gave its final approval to restrictions for the Fourth of July and New Year's Eve.


More than 60 years after they became one-way through downtown Davenport, city officials are considering restoring 3rd and 4th streets to two-way traffic. 

Herb Trix reports.


An old building in downtown Davenport, now supporting local artists, may soon become a "landmark." 

Wednesday night, the city council will consider a Local Historic Landmark Designation for the John Kelly Company Wholesale Groceries Building at 225 East 2nd Street - currently the home of the Bucktown Center for the Arts.

Two candidates running for alderman in Davenport's 6th Ward will advance to the November general election.


Davenport is preparing to take the next step in cleaning up its riverfront, and make it ready for future projects. Wednesday night, the city council held a public hearing on a plan to spend up to 236,000 dollars to demolish what's left of the Rhythm City casino site.

Final Vote on Costco

Aug 16, 2017
City of Davenport

A third and final vote could be held Wednesday night by the Davenport city council on plans by Costco to build a new store in the city.