Marianna Bacallao, WVIK News

Today, COVID-19 vaccinations at the Camden Centre in Milan came with a discount and a show, both provided by the Quad City Symphony Orchestra. 

Vaccine Variations

Apr 15, 2021

If you get your Covid vaccine at the Rock Island County mass vaccination clinic in Milan, through May 20, there will be something special that’s literally music to your ears.

Taking a cue from famous cellist Yo-Yo Ma’s recent impromptu performance during his Covid vaccine observation period, the Rock Island County Health Department and the Quad City Symphony Orchestra are partnering to bring live music to the mass vaccination site at Camden Centre in Milan.


The age of patients hospitalized from COVID-19 is now skewing younger. Genesis Health System reports higher hospitalizations in patients under 49. Scott County Medical Director Dr. Louis Katz says that’s because older patients were prioritized in vaccine rollouts, so less of them are being hospitalized.

“While the proportion of younger patients in the hospital is higher, the absolute number of younger patients in the hospital is pretty stable, so the shift to younger hospitalization is more relative than real.”

Marianna Bacallao, WVIK News

Distribution of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine has stopped in the Quad Cities, following the discovery of a rare side effect. Out of nearly 7 million recipients of the Johnson & Johnson vaccine, 6 people have developed blood clots, one of whom died as a result.

Monkeys, bird, snakes, and other animals are ready to greet visitors this weekend. The Niabi Zoo in Coal Valley will open for the season - for members on Saturday and for the general public on Sunday.

Director Lee Jackson says due to state guidelines the zoo can only host up to 500 people at a time.

"Our zoo is open from 9 to 3, and you can buy two blocks of tickets. So the morning block is from 9 to 12 with last entry at 11, and the afternoon block is from 12 to 3 with your last entry at 2 o'clock."

Rock Island School District

With help from Mediacom, students in the Rock Island schools now have better access to the internet. The company has made its equipment available so there are many more hot spots available throughout the district.

Troy Bevans, I-T Director for the district, says when the pandemic began, students could use all the schools as "homework hot spots" for internet access, and a few businesses volunteered to help. But that left a lot of areas without coverage. / Illinois Department of Public Health

Rock Island County is no longer in warning status for COVID-19.

Businesses hurt by the pandemic can get some help from the city of Moline. It's accepting applications for another round of the Small Business Relief Loan Program.

Community Development Program Manager K. J. Whitley says the forgivable loans are for businesses with two to 50 employees. In the previous round, the city handed out 5,000 dollars each to nine businesses.

"We were able to help nine businesses, many of them were restaurants or bars but we did have some small retail businesses that we were able to help too. "

Unemployment rose in the Quad Cities during February to 6.1 per cent, from 4.1 per cent a year ago.

Tom Austin from the Illinois Department of Employment Security, says the number of people considered unemployed went up while the number of people working went down.

"Those declines are what we would expect when we look at the pandemic, especially affecting such industries as leisure and hospitality, as well as retail trade."

Other job losses occurred in government, manufacturing, and professional and business services.

Most students in the Moline schools are now attending classes five days a week. As the 4th quarter of the school year began on Monday, the schedule expanded from two, half days per week, up to five.

Superintendent Rachel Savage says they made the change for several reasons. 

"The change in guidance from the CDC which was then adopted by the Illinois Department of Public Health. They loosened guidance on social distancing and data on transmission in schools."