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Both casinos in the Iowa Quad Cities are ready to offer customers the chance to bet on sports, beginning at noon today.

Michelle O'Neill reports the addition of sports betting is also creating jobs.

Zach Wilson, WVIK News

Manufacturing companies in Rock Island County have a 3.7 billion dollar impact on the local economy.

Judge Closes QC Firms

Jul 30, 2019
Iowa Attorney General

After many months of trying, the Iowa Attorney General may finally have been able to close down a Quad Cities-based advertising business. On Monday, a judge in Des Moines approved a temporary injunction against Alphonso Barnum of Davenport, some associates, and 10 companies. 

As the summer began, unemployment fell in the Quad Cities. The Illinois Department of Employment Security reports the jobless rate fell from 4.2 per cent in June of last year, to 3.8 per cent last month - nearly half a percentage point.

Downtown Bettendorf Organization Launches a SSMID

Jul 24, 2019
Zach Wilson, WVIK News

The revitalization of downtown Bettendorf will continue, thanks to the implementation of a SSMID, or Self-Supported Municipal Improvement District. Property and business owners will be taxed $2.75 for every one thousand dollars of property value in order to aesthetically and economically improve downtown.

Trigger Interactive Receives IEDA Loan

Jul 19, 2019
Trigger Interactive, LLC

A new company in Le Claire will get help from the state of Iowa to develop its products. Trigger Interactive will use the $25,000 loan to pay for product and consumer testing.

More than 3,000 members of the United Steelworkers Union, including some in the Quad Cities, will vote Thursday on a new contract. Late last month the union and Arconic reached a tentative agreement.

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On Midwest Week, Illinois prepares for the legalization of recreational marijuana.

Their second attempt to negotiate a new contract seems to have worked. On Friday Arconic and the United Steelworkers Union announced they've reached a tentative agreement. 

Unemployment fell slightly in the Quad Cities last month - down one-tenth of one per cent during the past year, to 3.5 per cent in May.