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US Bureau of Prisons

The Thomson Prison in northwest Illinois is preparing for what officials call the "final phase of activation." This week, they announced plans to fully open the federal prison by late next year.

Herb Trix / WVIK News

Augustana College has filed a lawsuit against the City of Rock Island. About a year ago, a large drainage pipe under the slough broke, flooding several buildings on campus.

Iowa Primary on Tuesday

Jun 4, 2018
Iowa Secretary of State

Polls will open at 7 am for Tuesday's primary election, and not close until 9 pm, in Scott County and across Iowa. Voters will choose candidates for local and state offices.

Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Friendship Manor officials hope they have resolved a property tax dispute with Rock Island County.

This week, the Illinois General Assembly overwhelmingly approved a bill that clarifies who's eligible to receive the general homestead exemption, including some residents of the senior living center in Rock Island.

formal portrait of Illinois State Senator Neil Anderson, a republican / Illinois Senate

State Senator Neil Anderson used the word "compromise" to describe how Illinois lawmakers came up with a balanced budget. If that's not surprising enough, the General Assembly ended the session on time.

On Wednesday, his chamber approved a budget plan that'll be effective on July 1st, if the House and governor approve it, too.

Pat Blank

Ten years ago, Iowa made national headlines when federal agents raided a packing plant in the far, northeast corner of the state. / Iowa Division of the Sons of Confederate Veterans

Confederate soldiers buried on Arsenal Island will be honored on Memorial Day. Every year after the National Cemetery ceremony, the Sons of Confederate Veterans hold a service at the smaller Confederate cemetery located just down the road.

Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

A new, bronze statue to honor soldiers killed in the Civil War is complete. But it'll take more time and money to put the soldier back on display. Wednesday afternoon, Rock Island County Sheriff Gerry Bustos unveiled the re-creation of the marble statue of a Civil War soldier which used to stand atop a 35-foot pedestal in front of the courthouse.

State of Illinois

On Midwest Week, with just a couple weeks left in the spring session, what has the Illinois General Assembly accomplished so far.

postcard photograph of the Rock Island County courthouse before its six domes were removed. / Upper Mississippi Valley Digital Image Archive

The Rock Island and Moline preservation societies plan to discuss their options in trying to save the Rock Island County courthouse. Tuesday night, the county board announced plans to vote in July on the possible demolition.