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Davenport police took lethal action that has been deemed reasonable and justified when two officers shot and killed a man last month.

VIDEO: Trump Delivers Speech On Taxes

Dec 13, 2017

After passing their respective tax overhaul bills, the U.S. House and Senate are trying to reconcile the differences in their legislation. While they do that, President Trump is making a renewed pitch to the American people about the importance of overhauling the tax code. Watch the president’s remarks live.

Video will be available at 2 p.m.

Some home and business owners in Moline have received an early present from the city. Following a decision in October by the city council that they were no longer needed, utility deposits have been refunded to more than 2,000 accounts. 

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Local business leaders want state and local government to improve the economy and create a business-friendly climate.  Tuesday, the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce announced its 2018 legislative priorities. / Rock Island Preservation Society

Government Bridge will be closed to vehicle traffic on Monday from 8:30 am until 1:30 pm. 

One of the democratic candidates for governor will kickoff a statewide tour this weekend in eastern Iowa. Starting in Iowa City on Sunday, Fred Hubbell plans to hold 14 stops, over four days, focused on the economy.

Hoping to prevent sexual harassment in the workplace, members of Congress have introduced a bill that would allow victims to take their cases to court.

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A man and a teenage boy accused of killing a girl in Davenport have taken plea deals. On June 26th, 2016, police say 15-year-old Ayana Culbreath was killed when shots were fired during a backyard party. Davenport police arrested two suspects a couple of weeks later.

Delaney for President

Even though the next presidential election is still three years away, there's one candidate already in the race. Maryland Democratic Congressman John Delaney actually made his announcement last summer, and will visit Iowa for the 5th time this weekend. 

Delaney for President

The first official candidate for president for the 2020 election will visit the Quad Cities and eastern Iowa this weekend. This will be the 5th trip to Iowa for Maryland Congressman and democrat John Delaney since announcing his candidacy last summer.