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2nd Day of Henry Dinkins Trial, Victim's Brother to Continue Testimony on Monday

Henry Dinkins (in tan shirt) talks with one of his attorneys during his trial on Friday, 8/11/2023.
Tom Loewy
Court pool photo
Henry Dinkins (in tan shirt) talks with one of his attorneys during his trial on Friday, 8/11/2023.

A Davenport police officer testified today during the second day of Henry Dinkins' murder and kidnapping trial. He's accused of killing 10-year-old Breasia Terrell in 2020.

Sergeant Geoffrey Peiffer was one of the first Davenport police officers to respond to the report of the girl's disappearance. Dinkins attorney, Chad Frese, asked Peiffer a series of questions about when and why detectives "honed in on" Dinkins as a suspect.

"He had always remained the last person to be with her, and his movements in the middle of the night while she was missing, and lack of doing something that a normal adult would do when a ten-year-old child is in their care and custody, I think piques the interest of anybody who has ever had a child or cared for a child would understand."

Peiffer continued, "When a ten-year-old that you're responsible for is missing, and there is no sense of alarm, there's not a phone call made, there were no doors knocked on in the adjacent apartments. There was none of those things done yet by the time police arrived in the daytime hours. And when you have these types of facts of a young child, in an unfamiliar area, and the person solely responsible for her has indicated that he has done nothing to trying to find her whereabouts, other than drive around in a large, some 40-mile loop."

A crime scene technician and another Davenport police officer also testified. Then an FBI Special Agent took the stand and answered questions about evidence from mobile phones and cellular towers related to the investigation.

Breasia Terrell's younger brother, "D.L." who is Dinkins' son, also began testifying late Friday afternoon. On the day she disappeared, D.L. was with Dinkins as the suspect drove to the Clinton WalMart where he bought bleach and to Davenport's Credit Island.

Around 5:00 P.M., court adjourned until Monday.

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