Thousands of bike riders can expect a shorter and flatter ride through Iowa this summer. On Saturday, RAGBRAI announced the eight cities where participants will spend the night during the week-long bike ride. 

Muscatine County Sheriff's Department

One week after a sheriff's deputy in Muscatine shot a car theft suspect, he has been cleared, and in fact commended, for his actions. Thursday Muscatine County Attorney Alan Ostergren announced the results of the investigation following the wounding of 41 year old Timothy Seefeldt.

On January 15, Deputy Eddie Cardenas and a Muscatine city police officer tried to stop a car that had been reported stolen earlier that evening. The car did not stop and drove away, but the chase ended quickly when the car drove into a motel parking lot. The driver then began crashing the stolen car into the squad car, and other cars, trying to escape. Thinking that both officers were in danger, the deputy fired his gun, wounding the driver who then surrendered.

Muscatine is working on plans to provide eastern Iowa and western Illinois with greater access to world markets. City staff are looking into the feasibility of building an inter-modal container port to transfer freight between barges, rail, and trucks.

Community Development Director, Dave Gobin, says there is currently no port like this along the Mississippi River north of Saint Louis. 

Submitted by Vince DiDonato

Local residents are gathering tonight to remember construction workers killed each year because of poor safety procedures. The Quad Cities Coalition for Worker Justice will hold a prayer vigil in Rock Island, to support employees of Hy-Brand Industrial Contracts. 

River Cities Reader

Davenport, Muscatine, and several other cities across Iowa have tried to improve traffic safety by  installing cameras along major roads - to crack down on drivers who speed and run red lights. But in the absence of action by the legislature, the Iowa Department of Transportation has developed some rules for their use.

Muscatine Chamber of Commerce

The state of Iowa wants to help build a new hotel in downtown Muscatine. On Friday, the board of the Iowa Economic Development Authority approved up to 10 million dollars for the proposed Stanley Hotel and Conference Center.

Mercer-Muscatine C. Revolv Loan Fund

Construction could start later this year on a new, high-end hotel and convention center in downtown Muscatine. Today members of the Mercer-Muscatine County Revolving Loan Fund approved some help for the 41 million dollar project - the Stanley Hotel and Convention Center.

Cindy Klebe

Muscatine will hold its annual Bald Eagle Watch on Saturday. Park Rangers, from the Corps of Engineers, will sponsor the public event at Pearl City Station. Lead Ranger, Cindy Klebe says winter is the best time to see bald eagles, because they've migrated south for food. And for over 20 years, this event has been held in Muscatine.  

On Saturday, rangers from the Wildlife Prairie State Park in Peoria will put on presentations with live birds. And, representatives from local environmental groups will talk about their activities.  

Mudhook Graphics

Creative residents in Muscatine are building a special community for themselves, one web profile at a time. This week, students at the East Campus alternative school, part of the Muscatine school district, launched an online platform for artists, called ""