News about the Quad Cities and surrounding region.

The Moline Foundation

With unemployment rising, the Moline Foundation and Moline Public Library are collaborating on a series of workshops to help people find jobs. Every Wednesday for the next six weeks, the library will hold a free Zoom session. 

John Brown

Aug 5, 2020

This is Roald Tweet on Rock Island.

Someone once remarked that there is no zeal like a convert's—an apt description of the Germans from Schleswig-Holstein who came to America following the failure of the 1848 Revolution in Europe.

The Jule

Dubuque's public transit, the Jule, is now requiring passengers to wear face coverings. The decision comes as coronavirus cases continue to rise. 


Aug 4, 2020

This is Roald Tweet on Rock Island.

As the winds of change blew down the Mississippi River and through the halls of higher learning in the 1960s, more than a few classrooms around Rock Island began teaching students to be lemons.

United Way Quad Cities

The United Way is asking Quad Cities residents to answer a survey on how COVID-19 has impacted their families. 

Stories and Trains

Aug 3, 2020

This is Roald Tweet on Rock Island.

One of the great teachers of writing in the Rock Island area is no more. Now, would-be writers must sit in other classrooms on Monday, Wednesday, and Friday and do their assignments.

The Cities - Pgm #1036

Aug 1, 2020


The Oscar Mayer Wienermobile is visiting the Quad Cities, spending two weeks - at store openings, car shows, farmers markets, nursing homes, and even the third birthday party for some lucky child. 

The Bettendorf Brothers

Jul 31, 2020

This is Roald Tweet on Rock Island.

Rock Island has its share of "tail-wags-dog" stories. In one of them, the tail became the dog.

United States Census Bureau

While over 60% of Illinois and Iowa residents have filled out the 2020 Census, there's still thousands who have not.