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Election 2016

Presidential candidates, Chris Christie, Marco Rubio, and Bernie Sanders, will campaign in eastern Iowa this week. But, some events are canceled today due to winter weather. 

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U.S. Senator Bernie Sanders spoke before an outdoor crowd of hundreds at Scott County Park in Eldridge, Iowa, on Sunday, August 16. 

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Some top national democrats will help raise money for local democrats this weekend. The Scott County Democratic Party will hold a picnic and fund-raiser Sunday in Scott County Park, near Eldridge.

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Four presidential candidates will visit the Quad Cities this week - two republicans, one independent, and one democrat.

Sanders' Senate Office

One of the biggest challenges facing the US today is the growing gap between rich and poor. That was one of the messages Saturday from Vermont US Senator Bernie Sanders to a town hall meeting in Davenport.

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        Bernie Sanders is thinking about running for president, but hasn’t made a decision yet. That was the message from the Independent US Senator from Vermont to a town hall meeting in Davenport Saturday night.        Herb Trix reports.