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Sanders Speaks About Unions, Impeachment

Zach Wilson, WVIK News
U.S. Vermont Senator Bernie Sanders spoke to the press and his supporters at Duck Creek Lodge in Davenport on Tuesday.

Organized labor in Iowa supports Bernie Sanders.

On Tuesday afternoon in Davenport, the Vermont U.S. Senator and Democratic candidate for president announced the backing of 85 union workers from across the state.

Sanders believes he is the best candidate to represent working people. He says he will stand up for unions if he is elected president.

"What employers understand - and it's the reason they are at war with the trade union movement - they understand that when workers can collectively negotiate a contract, they're gonna get better wages and they're gonna get better working conditions. And that's just a fact."

The endorsements Sanders announced on Tuesday are from individual workers, not their unions.

The Senator also made a formal statement regarding the potential impeachment of President Trump, saying he hopes the House Judiciary Committee moves forward with an inquiry.

"I think all over this country, we have people, including Republicans, who are sick and tired of a president who believes that he does not have to obey the constitution of the United States and that he is above the law. Enough is enough."

Sanders closed his statement by saying that Congress needs to show the American people that it can "walk and chew bubblegum at the same time."