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Coast Guard's Role in New, I-74 Bridge

new bridge piers from the water Mississippi River 20220822_132312.jpg
I-74 Mississippi River Bridge - Lunda Construction Co.
I-74 River Bridge, https://www.i74riverbridge.com/newsroom/gallery.aspx
Looking north from a boat on the Mississippi River at the piers of the new, I-74 bridge (file)

As drivers enjoy the new, I-74 bridge in the Quad Cities, the US Coast Guard continues to work with the construction team, state DOTs, and others to complete the project.

new bridge from motor boat on river untitled-fb-1.jpg
I-74 River Bridge - Lunda Counstruction Co.
I-74 River Bridge
No one on any kind of boat wants to accidentaly hit one of these piers. The Coast Guard helps make sure navigation aids and lights are all in place to prevent that. (file)

The Coast Guard has been involved from the beginning, including the design phase of the project.

Based in St. Louis, Pete Sambor is the US Coast Guard's Federal Project Officer for new construction. He oversees new bridge projects in 22 states, including Illinois and Iowa. And the $1.2 billion, I-74 bridge project is just one of many that Sambor works on.

WVIK News learned about Sambor and his role in the I-74 bridge project when following up on a recent, decorative lighting test. Now he's gathering final comments from towboat captains and others. He'll also make sure the details are added to the Coast Guard's light list and other databases.

A crew moved mussels from the Mississippi River between Bettendorf and Moline before construction of the new, I-74 bridge. (file)

Sambor was also involved with preserving an endangered species of mussels that live in the Mississippi River. Before work on the new bridge began, a special crew moved many of them to another part of the river.

That part of his job will continue as the old bridge is removed. One of its piers will be left in the river just upstream from Sylvan Slough and closer to the Moline shoreline. Sambor will work with Helm Group, the demolition contractor, to make sure the remaining mussels are not disturbed when the old highway and steel structures are dismantled and removed.

Demolition of the old, I-74 bridge won't begin until winter, when the Mississippi River is closed to navigation.

Map identifies Pier K old I-74 Bridge.PNG
U.S. Army Corps of Engineers ® Rock Island District
Page 7 of a permit application from the Iowa and Illinois Departments of Transportation CEMVR-RD-2021-1590 Section 10/404
Screenshot shows Pier K in black which will not be demolished or removed with the rest of the old, I-74 bridge shown in blue and red. Part of the new bridge is also shown near the bottom of the photo.

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