Rock Island Library Patrons to Help Create Strategic Plan

Jul 23, 2018

After having coffee and conversations with patrons, the Rock Island Library wants them to help create a new, four-year strategic plan. This week, the library will host two public meetings to hear more about what residents want and how to accomplish those goals.

Spokeswoman Lisa Lockheart says last fall, three meetings about the library and its services revealed four themes.

First, people want to be more connected. Second, Rock Island residents want the library to emphasize education and life-long learning. Lockheart says many people want to the library to help reduce disparities in education, and provide more access to tools and resources students need. The third theme to be addressed in the strategic plan includes buildings, technology, and funding. And the fourth is marketing and communications to help get the word out about the Rock Island Library and what it offers.

The first meeting will be held on Tuesday at 6 pm at the Rock Island Library downtown. The second will be held on Thursday at 2 pm at the Southwest library on Ridgewood Road. Both will last about one-and-a-half hours.