DNC Allows Iowa Democrats to Host Satellite Caucuses

Sep 20, 2019

Shift workers, those with disabilities, members of the military, and others will be able to participate in February's democratic caucuses, even if they're not in Iowa.

Credit https://iowademocrats.org/ / Iowa Democratic Party

Today, the Iowa Democratic Party got permission to host caucuses at satellite sites, places other than neighborhood precinct locations.

The goal is to increase participation and accessibility for Iowa voters who can't go to their official, precinct caucuses. Today, a panel of Democratic National Committee members reviewed the Iowa proposal and approved it. 

Troy Price, Iowa Democratic Party Chair
Credit https://iowademocrats.org/take-action/scc/ / Iowa Democratic Party

State Party Chair, Troy Price, says Iowa democrats will have to apply to host a satellite caucus.

"There are people serving in the military and many who spend the winter in warmer parts of the country. And if there are enough democrats, they can apply and caucus where ever they are."

Four years ago, Price says the Iowa Democratic Party conducted a couple of pilot projects. One was a military tele-caucus. The other included hosting three satellite caucuses at work sites and one at a nursing home.

A special review committee will be formed to approve or deny satellite caucus applications, based on a number of factors. Each satellite caucus will be run just like a traditional caucus, with a trained captain and volunteers.

Price says Iowa democrats have already been working on organizing the February 3rd caucuses. They've reserved 80% of the precinct locations and trainings have already begun throughout the state.