Delaney Opens Davenport Office

Mar 31, 2019

John Delaney opening his campaign office in Davenport.
Credit WVIK News

John Delaney is making a big bet on Iowa. The former Maryland congressman and Democratic candidate for president has already visited every county in the state, and on Sunday in Davenport opened his 8th Iowa campaign office.

He told about 50 potential caucus goers he's betting on the early states, Iowa and New Hampshire, to help him compete with the better known candidates.

"I've always liked the Iowa and New Hampshire model as a citizen. Even though a lot of people complain about it, I've always liked it because I think we need some group of citizens in this country "kicking the tires." I don't think cable news should pick our nominee."

And he reminded them how indispensable they'll be to the process of choosing candidates for 2020, and making sure Iowa will continue to matter in the future.

Delaney says a key economic problem is that 80 per cent of the new jobs are being created in just 50 counties - of the 3,100 total in the US. 

"One of things I've called for is 25 % of government contracts should be given to firms who have half their employees in comunities left behind economically. We don't need more government contractors in San Francisco - they have plenty of jobs."

He emphazed his focus on bringing the country back together, including being named the third most bi-partisan member of Congress.