COVID-19: Number of Scott Co Polling Places Reduced to 23

Jun 1, 2020

While thousands of Scott County voters have already mailed in their ballots for Tuesday's primary, others will need to double check where to vote in-person. 

Roxanna Moritz, Auditor and Commissioner of Elections, says to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, Scott County's 63 polling places have been consolidated into 23. 

Screenshot from a Scott County video showing how people will vote during the pandemic

People will be asked to wear a mask and instructed to stay six feet apart while standing in line.

Tables will also be placed six feet apart.

And someone will monitor the doors and lines.

Several polling locations did not want to open to the public for in-person voting because of the pandemic. Moritz also says some of the polling places are too small to allow for social distancing requirements. 

Screenshot from a Scott County Auditor video
Credit Scott County Auditor

People can find their polling place on the Scott County Auditor's website. Or call 563-326-8631. On Tuesday, June 2nd, Scott County polls will be open from 7 am until 9 pm. 

In addition, law enforcement officials have assured Moritz they'll take extra precautions to keep people safe during the primary election. 

In-person early voting is available at the Scott County Administrative Center first floor boardroom until 5:00 pm today (Monday, June 1st).

This video was produced earlier this spring to encourage people to vote absentee by mail.

20200428.0006 RD&T Absentee Message - God Bless America from Dave on Vimeo.