Anderson Tries Again to Eliminate FOID Card

Mar 17, 2021

A state legislator from the Quad Cities is trying again to get rid of a state law he says is "outdated" and "redundant." For the third time, Republican Senator Neal Anderson has introduced a bill to repeal the Firearm Owners Identification Act, and eliminate the need for a FOID card to buy guns and ammunition.

Credit Illinois State Senator Neal Anderson

He thinks modern technology makes it un-necessary.

"In Illinois to purchase a firearm you have to present your FOID card that you went through the federal instant background check to get and then after you show them your FOID card you have to go through the federal instant background check."

Anderson is also unhappy the state police do not have enough money to hire people to process FOID card applications and renewals - the average wait for a new application is three months but he hears from constituents who've been waiting a year or longer. And it also doesn't help that there's been a big increase in applications in recent years.

When the original law was passed 50 years ago, it said applications would be accepted or rejected within 90 days.