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Matt Rebro

As a Vice President with Russell, a construction and development firm based in Davenport, IA, Matt Rebro brings 20+ years of industry experience and relationships to the team. He is a key contributing member to Russell’s Business Development outreach efforts. Matt’s focus is to help grow the Russell brand with targeted individuals and firms and to support his Russell team members to ensure existing client relationships are maximized to their fullest potential. As a native eastern-Iowan, Matt has demonstrated a commitment to supporting communities over the last two decades via personal and firm support of organizations such as Junior Achievement, Big Brothers Big Sisters, Iowa Association of Business & Industry and the Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce Workforce Coalition.

  • Or in this case, hear all about it on this episode of A Real Piece of Work. Join Matt and Joy as they explore this fascinating career in the news world. David Robbins Jr. is a page designer at The Washington Post, designing the sports and A-sections (State and National Politics, Finance and World sections). Do you love writing? Have you ever wondered what a career in page designing would be like? Tune in and listen to David’s advice in this podcast; DREAM BIG, stay connected and don’t forget about that Linked In page.David D. Robbins Jr., Page Designer at The Washington Post. I design the sports section, the A-Section (State and National Politics, Finance and World sections) and I've also worked online and been asked to do help with simple illustrations. Before working at the Post I was a senior page designer for Gannett -- which included designing any number of newspapers as varied as The Milwaukee Journal Sentinel, Nashville Tennessean, Des Moines Register and many more. I was also the USA Today Network sports centerpiece designer. I've been a journalist over the past 20 years. As an undergrad, I attended Briar Cliff University in Sioux City, Iowa and studied English Literature, writing linguistics and history. Later I attended law school at Valparaiso University in Indiana. I love to read and watch classic films from the 1930s and 40s. I'm an astrophotographer and concert photographer. It's an endeavor I have dedicated myself to as a promise to myself after beating cancer 5-years ago.
  • Are you letting the “things not happening NOW” take the mojo out of your dream? How do you know when to take your musical passion or hobby and turn it into your career? Drum roll please… as Matt and Joy connect with Tim Very, drummer/song-writer of the American indie rock band, Manchester Orchestra. On this episode of A Real Piece of Work, Tim dives into the challenges and perks of being a professional musician. Are you a creature of habit? Can you motivate yourself? Do you dream of being on the road touring? Listen and learn about life as a drummer and don’t forget to add The Gold, Tim’s favorite song, to your playlist.
  • Don’t rule anything out. This episode is a must listen to for anyone exploring the next steps on their career journey. She’s a carpenter; what is your super power? Along her career journey Cathy held titles of personal trainer, police officer and phlebotomist before she discovered her skills and passion in an industry she wasn’t all too familiar with. Listen to a vibrant carpenter apprentice (also featured in “The Dirt” construction publication) boast about the day to day excitement of a new career that she couldn’t be happier or more proud to have found. Have you tried out all of the tools in YOUR toolbox?The student question on this episode comes from a curious Pleasant Valley student, Kai.As a leader in industry in the Quad Cities, St Louis and Kansas City area, Russell continues to set a growth foundation for their people and community; providing the space for women to explore careers in all functional areas, including the predominately male world of construction. Because of people focused leadership and companies such as Russell, individuals like Cathy are being given the wings to soar.
  • On this episode of A Real Piece of Work, Matt and Joy connect with Jenny Foss, self-employed and self-titled, Job Search Strategist and Founder/CEO of jobjenny.com. Listen as Jenny talks about the path she took that led her to becoming an entrepreneur, and how it’s important to always follow your passion, but make sure you have the skills to back it up. If you’re thinking about starting your job search soon, this is the podcast to listen to! Jenny gives tips of how to create a great resume, cover letter, and LinkedIn profile when you’re just starting out, and advises to go beyond the obvious when searching for your dream career. The Junior Achievement student question is provided by Claire from Pleasant Valley High School.
  • Join Matt and Melissa for this episode of A Real Piece of Work as they go on site to John Deere Davenport Works to speak with James Hotchkiss, Heath Palmer, and Abby Parsons about careers in manufacturing. If you have entertained the idea of going into the manufacturing industry, specifically welding, this podcast is for you! Hear the group talk about the High School Registered Apprenticeship Program, how you can get involved, and the immense benefits of a local manufacturing program such as this. They discuss the skills you will learn throughout the program, what educators can do to help students prepare for career success, and what day to day life looks like in the manufacturing industry. The group answers questions from educators, students, and industry professionals.
  • On this episode of A Real Piece of Work, Matt and Joy are joined by Jenny Haag, Founder and President at RISE Design Build Integration. Jenny started her career with the Minnesota Vikings and through her many positions there, she was inspired to start her own business focused on venue construction for sports teams. She tells us some tips and tricks regarding what it takes to be a female in male dominated industries. Jenny believes that with teamwork and strong relationships, you can achieve anything. The Junior Achievement student question comes from Josie from Wahlert Catholic High School.
  • On this episode of A Real Piece of Work, Matt & Joy talk with Davis Addy, Director of Technology at Chick-fil-A Corporate in Atlanta, GA. Growing up building computers for fun, Davis knew technology was something that interested him. Now working in the supply chain for Chick-fil-A, Davis shares the role he plays in getting inventory to restaurants. When you go to your favorite restaurant do you think about the work that goes on behind the scenes to get the cups, paper, etc. to the store? Hear all about it along with other careers at Chick-fil-A, how much money you can make, and more. The Junior Achievement student question comes from Joy’s son, Lance, from Pleasant Valley Junior High.
  • On this episode of A Real Piece of Work, Matt & Joy speak with Alex Stuedemann, Director of Golf Course Maintenance Operations at TPC Deere Run. Alex thought he wanted to go into engineering because he enjoyed math and science, but with the guidance of his parents and college president, he realized he didn’t have a passion for it. Instead he knew he loved his job at the golf course and decided to explore a college program in horticulture. Alex ended up loving the program and found a career he is passionate about. The Junior Achievement student question comes from Isaac from Seton Catholic. Isaac is a student who hopes to take his career out on the golf course someday.
  • It only seems fitting to explore a unique local career that has such a tremendous impact within our community. Join Matt & Joy on this episode of A Real Piece of Work as they dive behind the scenes with Birdies for Charity Director, Micaela Booth. Did you know, Junior Achievement of the Heartland has been charity #2 with Birdies for Charity since the start?! Micaela’s inspiring advice of looking beyond the price tag may be a highlight of this episode, but listen in to hear about the skills and career path that got Micaela into this unique Quad Cities job. The Junior Achievement student question comes from Grace from Davenport West High School.
  • Join Matt & Joy for this episode of A Real Piece of Work as they speak with Mandi Dolson and Nic Hockenberry, both Directors of Workforce Solutions at Greater Dubuque Development. Mandi and Nic discuss how their career paths changed along the way, but led them to the careers they now love. They give advice on things they wish they had done as a high school and college student to help them on their career paths, and discuss how important it is to establish connections along the way. The Junior Achievement student question comes from Lizzie from Wahlert Catholic High School.