Bruce Carter

Longtime Host of Art Talks

The late Bruce de Gouveia Carter was born in Philadelphia, PA, and raised in Brazil and the United States. He received his bachelor's degree in Art and English from Notre Dame in 1970. Bruce then traveled the western hemisphere for a few years before landing in Iowa City for graduate studies with Lasansky in Printmaking. Having originally come to the Quad Cities to teach at Marycrest College, he remained deeply involved in the area's art scene. Bruce's artwork is primarily in oil crayon, painting "interior landscapes" in vibrant colors. Bruce created Art Talks at KALA radio in 1991, and brought the program to WVIK in 1993. He remained the program's host and driving force until his death on November 24, 2014.

Chef Jason Stewart of Zeke's Island Cafe.

Kyle Carter & Brittany Bersano of the Downtown Davenport Partnership.

Artist and musician Ralph Iaccarino.

Joes & Logan Ryser of Hot Glass in Davenport.

Mike Romkey and Bob Rosensteil of the Bucktown Revue.

Bruce Carter talks with artist and gallery owner David Smith of Smith Studio and Gallery in Geneseo, Illinois.