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It May Be Legal But It Still Has Health Risks


Now that the excitement has died down from the advent of legal recreational marijuana in Illinois, health authorities want to remind us of its hazards. The Chief Operating Officer for the Rock Island County Health Department, Janet Hill, says there are a variety of health risks.

"Using marijuana while pregnant can harm the developing fetus and lead to low birthweight babies. And then it can impact mothers who are breast feeding because the THC can be found in breast milk."

Studies show our brains continue to develop until about age 25, and that marijuana use by young people can impair brain development, causing memory and learning problems. 

Another thing to consider, Hill says, is that marijuana is much stronger now than in the past.

"It has three times more THC in it than it did 25 years ago, and that stronger amount of THC could lead to addiction and dependency."

As she says, just because it's legal doesn't mean it's safe. 

for more information: https://www.prevention.org/lets-talk-cannabis