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Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Opponents of tearing down the Rock Island County courthouse have won a preliminary victory. 


The Quad Cities are divided by the Mississippi River along the Illinois-Iowa border. They all took a big hit during the 1980’s farm crisis, and were left with abandoned warehouses and other buildings. / I-74 Mississippi River Bridge project website

Winter weather has been a struggle for the companies building the new bridge over the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities.

But over the weekend, Lunda Construction workers placed the first piece of an arch onto its foundation.


The first court hearing in the Rock Island County courthouse demolition case will be held in Peoria Wednesday.

The county board's attorney filed the "notice of hearing" in Rock Island County late this afternoon.

Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

(March 8, 2019 - Updated to add a video of a sandbagging machine like the one the Corps of Engineer bought. See below.)

A state agency is helping Illinois prepare for spring flooding. This morning at the Red Cross in Moline, officials from the Illinois Emergency Management Agency met with local leaders to share information about logistics, supplies, and communication. 

Rodney Delp is the Chief of Emergency Management for the Corps of Engineers on Arsenal Island.

He says the Rock Island District now has a new machine that automatically fills sandbags.

It's high-tech and fills about 45 sandbags per minute.

Lieutenant Mindy Meyers works for the Rock Island County Sheriff as Coordinator of Emergency Management.

She says a couple of weeks ago, officers helped three families evacuate when the Rock River flooded their homes due to an ice jam.

Pritzker's First Budget

Mar 1, 2019
State of Illinois

On Midwest Week, in his first budget the governor of Illinois proposes some new revenue and new spending.

A stable tax rate and lots of capital projects are key features of next year's budget for Bettendorf. Wednesday night, city officials will hold their annual public information meeting on the budget, ahead of next week's final approval.


The Rock Island County Board and its Public Building Commission are fighting to retain the right to tear down the courthouse. This month, Landmarks Illinois and other historic preservation groups filed a lawsuit and requested a temporary restraining order to prevent demolition.

Scott County's New Budget

Feb 26, 2019

With plenty of time to spare, Scott County has completed its budget for next year. The county board has held a public hearing and given its final approval for the 89 million dollar spending plan well ahead of the state's March 15th deadline.


Davenport is "striving, vibrant, and strong." That's according to Mayor Frank Klipsch during his state of the city address Monday to members of the Rotary Club and Chamber of Commerce.