Mississippi River


For the fourth time this year, the Mississippi River has reached flood stage in the Quad Cities. And it's the second time Davenport has had to close River Drive and put up a temperary floodwall.

RI Flood Prep

Oct 9, 2018
City of Rock Island

Even though it has a floodwall, the City of Rock Island continues to prepare for flooding by the Mississippi River, including installing pumps and closing gatewells.

More Rain, More Flooding

Oct 8, 2018

More rain over the weekend means more flooding by rivers in this area. 

Miss. River Rising

Oct 3, 2018
National Weather Service

Thanks to heavy rain in recent days up north, the city of Davenport has activated its flood plan. The Mississippi River is 1 1/2 feet below flood stage on Wednesday, and is forecast to crest on Friday at half a foot over flood stage. 

Kevin Krejci / Flickr

Anyone who's ever helped clean up the Mississippi River can tell you plastic pollution is a big problem. The Mississippi River Cities and Towns Initiative announced in Davenport on Wednesday new efforts to reduce the amount of plastic that ends up in the river, the Gulf of Mexico, and oceans around the world.


On Midwest Week - sandbags, President Clinton, and Bon Jovi tickets - remembering the record-setting flood of 1993.

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Despite the current flooding by the Mississippi River, this year's Blues Festival will be held on the Davenport riverfront as scheduled. The river crested Sunday 1 1/2 feet over flood stage, and is expected to fall to flood stage by Friday when the festival begins.

National Weather Service

The Mississippi River crested in the Quad Cities on Sunday, and has fallen slightly since then. The National Weather Service says the "high point" was 1 1/2 feet over flood stage, and it should drop to near flood stage by this weekend.

National Weather Service

The forecast for the Mississippi River in the Quad Cities has been revised - and will go higher than expected.

National Weather Service

As the Rock River begins to fall, the Mississippi River continues to rise.