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QC App Developer Creates More Games & Cartoons

William Ellis
William Ellis, views_in_motion, https://www.instagram.com/views_in_motion/
Screenshots from Ellis's Instagram page and other images fromTha Come Up Portals

A local game developer and animator is creating more location-based games and cartoons.

Michelle O'Neill reports William Ellis's first game called, "Tha Come Up" is based in the Quad Cities, and his new content will feature local musicians from the Quad Cities who now live in other cities.

Since releasing "Tha Come Up" last year, William Ellis has been developing a expansion of the game called, "Tha Come Up Portals."

Ellis plans to release dozens of games and connect them using his cartoons to tell a detailed story. One of his new characters is Atlanta artist and musician, "Tycutta," or Ty Orr, whose parents own Orr's Mortuary in Rock Island.

Tha Come Up Portals Queen Riz Card Capture.PNG
William Ellis
William Ellis, VIM, @views_in_motion, https://www.instagram.com/p/CgVgHQegCj3/
Tha Come Up Portals, Queen Riz Player Card

Ellis wants to teach people of all ages about musicians who grew up in the Quad Cities and now have thriving careers in other cities. So he's created player cards for each character in the games.

Just last week, Ellis announced he'll be working with Netflix and Hulu.

He's on Instagram HERE.

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