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Project Team Prepares to Fully Open New, I-74 Bridge

George Ryan, I-74 Corridor Manager/VP
Michelle O'Neill
George Ryan, I-74 Corridor Manager/VP

The I-74 bridge construction team is planning a big party next month to celebrate completion of the new bridge and highway.

On December 1st, the public is invited to take a walk on the new, east-bound bridge over the Mississippi River between Moline and Bettendorf. Project Manager, George Ryan, says the Illinois-bound lanes will open to traffic a few days after that. He also says the project is coming in on time and within budget.

I-74 new Mississippi River bridge and highway project timeline
I-74 River Bridge Project
I-74 new Mississippi River bridge and highway project timeline

The old, Illinois-bound side of the twin bridge will close the same day the new one opens.

Landscaping and other parts of the project will continue next year, including an elevator in Bettendorf and the decorative glass for the trail outlook.

Details about registering to attend the celebration on December 1st are available at I74riverbridge.com.

Construction of the new I-74 bridge started in June, 2017, and the project cost $1.2 billion.

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