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A non-profit based in Des Moines wants you to be an informed voter. "Vote Smart" provides an expansive online database with facts about thousands of candidates and elected officials: and it's easy to navigate and understand.

The C-SPAN Bus is making its annual tour of the Untied States, and it stopped in the Quad Cities today Wednesday. The Cable-Satellite Public Affairs Network wants to educate Americans about the educational and political resources it offers.

Governor Bruce Rauner listens to a woman at Happy Joe's in Moline.
Michelle O'Neill / WVIK News

Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner made an unscheduled stop in Moline today to talk to voters about redistricting. Early this afternoon, the republican, his aides, and security team arrived at Happy Joe's on River Drive to talk to voters about redistricting.

Governor Bruce Rauner greets students as he arrives at Glenview Middle School in East Moline. He visited the school to talk about the importance of education and reforming the funding formula.
Lacy Scarmana / WVIK

"Get Springfield out of the classroom, and let teachers teach."

That's what Illinois Governor Bruce Rauner told students Tuesday at Glenview Middle School in East Moline. He's trying to drum up support for spending more on education.

The Glenview Middle School Mariachi Band, dressed in bright blue outfits, playing guitars, trumpets, and violins, played a couple of songs for Gov. Rauner after he spoke to a crowd of students at an assembly. Several students asked excellent questions, such as, "What do you think of school funding?" Rauner was happy to respond, saying the funding formula is "broken," and relies too much on property taxes. 

The governor also wants to get rid of many regulations, unfunded mandates and excess testing. 

Rauner says decisions about outside contracts should be made by local school districts. East Moline middle school students also asked the governor what he thinks of unions. Rauner told them they've done good things such as making workplaces safe, and working for fair pay. But he also told the kids state government should balance union benefits with helping companies, especially small businesses.


It seems like the only thing democratic congressman Bruce Braley and republican State Senator Joni Ernst have in common is that they both grew up in Iowa. During a debate in Davenport Saturday night, the candidates for U.S. Senate clashed over almost every topic--from health care and foreign policy to Ebola and campaign ads.

Renata Sago reports.

A rebroadcast of the debate will air on WVIK next week, as well.