Niabi Zoo

A national organization gives the Niabi Zoo in Coal Valley high marks for safety, animal welfare, education, and animal conservation. 

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People who go to Niabi Zoo are helping entrepreneurs and snow leopards. On Sunday, the zoo in Coal Valley will host a discussion with Jennifer Snell Rullman, the Assistant Conservation Director from a group called the Snow Leopard Trust. 

On Midwest Week, why the Niabi Zoo is trying to earn national accreditation.

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 Vivian the Black Swan is preening in a kiddie pool, as a birdhouse full of budgies erupts with tweets and screeches nearby. Despite the noise, Vivian seems like she's enjoying herself. It's the warmest it's been all year and the Niabi Zoo, her home, opens for the season in just a few short days.

Niabi Zoo

The Niabi Zoo family has grown by one. Early last month, a new Colobus monkey was born, but it wasn't until a week later that zoo keepers discovered the sex of the baby, because his mother, Shirati, had been holding him that whole first week.

Niabi Zoo Says Goodbye to Molly

Sep 25, 2018

The Niabi Zoo has said goodbye to one of its family members.  On Monday, Molly, a 35-year-old Plains Zebra, was euthanized due to chronic joint and bone issues resulting from old age. 

Debut of the Pallas Cat

Apr 13, 2018
Niabi Zoo

Two new species will make their debut this weekend when the Niabi Zoo opens for the season - the Pallas Cat  and Yellow-backed Duiker.

Residents of Rock Island County can help the Forest Preserve District plan for the future. Thursday night it will hold the first of two public meetings to update its master plan.

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Several local tourist attractions are offering package membership deals for the second year. The Quad City Botanical Center, Putnam Museum, and Niabi Zoo call the special deal a Fun Bundle.

On Midwest Week, who runs the Niabi Zoo now, and how that might change in the future.