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After years of study, a federal agency is ready to use MidAmerican Energy to help protect wildlife from the effects of wind farms.

Customers of MidAmerican Energy in Iowa will soon get a break on their bills. Following action by the state legislature last year, the company will be required to spend less on its energy efficiency programs, and pass the savings on to homeowners and businesses.

MidAmerican Energy

MidAmerican Energy is preparing to build a lot of new wind turbines in Iowa. On Tuesday, the Iowa Utilities Board approved a project called Wind 12 that will help the company generate 100 per cent of its electricity from renewable sources within 3 years (2021).

Customers of MidAmerican Energy in Iowa will get a break on their monthly bills next year, thanks to the legislature and governor.

Davenport School District

Hoping to save money, the Davenport School District is considering a major investment in solar energy. The district has received proposals from five companies, and the top-rated proposal so far would include installing solar panels at 14 buildings.

Thanks to tax reform, utility bills will start going down soon. MidAmerican Energy says bills will be lowered for its Illinois customers starting in April, and probably for Iowa customers in May.

Thursday, January 25, 2018

Jan 25, 2018

Hot and humid conditions have caused MidAmerican Energy to issue a peak alert. It's in effect through Friday, encouraging customers to conserve energy. 

MidAmerican Energy will host a job fair in Moline today to start filling more than 70 customer service positions. 

Bettendorf schools will get a much-needed upgrade starting this month. Today, the school district's Board of Directors approved new, LED lighting for all of its elementary, middle, and high schools.

Director of Operations Chris Andrus says fluorescent lighting in classrooms and halls has caused problems for staff and students.


The LED lights will cut energy costs in half, and the Bettendorf School District should see a 2-year return on investment.