Freight House

Freight House Farmers Market Re-opens

Apr 30, 2020
Lorrie Beaman

A major test of social distancing in the Quad Cities will be held on Saturday in Davenport.

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Following last year's record flooding, and the potential for more this year, the city of Davenport may buy some extra insurance. Wednesday night the city council will consider buying additional policies for Union Station, the Freight House, and Modern Woodmen Park.

River Drive Has Reopened

Jun 21, 2019
WVIK News / WVIK Quad Cities NPR

There won't be any more "road closed" signs on River Drive for the forseeable future. 

Congressman Eric Swalwell

A nationwide effort by the Democratic Party to connect with young people stops in the Quad Cities Thursday. Iowa Second District Congressman Dave Loebsack will host an appearance by California Congressman Eric Swalwell. 

QC Food Hub Re-opens

Jan 13, 2017

A store in Davenport that features locally-grown food will re-open Friday after extensive remodeling. The Food Hub in the Freight House along River Drive will hold a ribbon cutting.

A man who calls himself a "historian of the Mississippi River" will speak to the local chapter of the Sierra Club this weekend. John Anfinson is superintendent of the Mississippi National River Recreation Area in Minnesota, and author ten years ago of a book, "The River We Have Wrought."

Credit Quad Cities Interfaith

At a time where religion is often viewed as more divisive than ever, one organization is celebrating 30 years of bringing different faiths together. On Sunday, Quad Cities Interfaith, or QCI, will celebrate its 30th Anniversary.

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Some color is being added to the Freight House in Davenport. Students in this year's Quad City Arts Metro Arts Summer Youth Employment Program are painting murals on the doors facing River Drive, and on the stage at the west end of the building.

Food Hub Grant

Oct 3, 2014
WVIK Staff

Local farmers are celebrating today. The Quad City Food Hub has just received a major federal grant to help support and expand the organization.