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Hispanic women in the Quad Cities have a new resource to help graduate college and find jobs. The Greater Quad Cities Hispanic Chamber of Commerce is starting a new program called the "Empowering Latina Leadership Alliance" or ELLA. 

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Residents of the Black Hawk College District can help plan future improvements for its buildings and other facilities. Thursday and Friday college officials will hold public meetings as they begin the process of updating their facilities master plan.

Steve Frommelt, Vice President of Finance and Administration, says the current plan was approved three years ago, and since then some of its major priorities have been accomplished, including the new health sciences center on the Moline campus, and the welding and skilled trades center on the east campus. A new veterinary technology center is under construction. 

It's also a good time to update the plan because since it was first completed, several new trustees have joined the board, and there's a new president and other top administrators.

Frommelt says one of the next projects will probably be to update space used for student services, such as counseling and advising, the testing center, and the independent learning center.

BHC Will Cut Staff

Dec 10, 2015
WVIK Staff

One month after announcing plans were in the works to cut the budget, Black Hawk College has made some decisions. Wednesday it announced a reduction of 5 faculty and 10 staff positions. 

College president Bettie Truitt blames the state of Illinois - Black Hawk relies on the state for about 22 per cent of its revenue, and because of the long budget impasse between the governor and general assembly, it's received no money since July. 

As the state budget impasse continues in Illinois, Black Hawk College is studying ways to raise revenue and cut spending. In a normal year, the state contributes about 22 per cent of the college's budget, or 7.2 million dollars, but this year Black Hawk has received nothing since the new fiscal year began in July.

Lane Evans Tribute

Nov 3, 2015
Black Hawk College

Friends of Lane Evans will celebrate his memory in an appropriate way. Tonight they'll raise money for one of the late congressman's favorite causes - veterans - at an event hosted by the Black Hawk College Quad Cities Foundation.

Foundation executive director, Jessica Malcheff, says proceeds will benefit the college's Veterans Resource Center.

Evans attended Black Hawk College in 1971 and '72, plus 1980, then finished his degree at Augustana College. He was inducted into Black Hawk's Alumni Hall of Fame in 1987, and awarded an honorary degree in 2006. 

He represented the Illinois Quad Cities and the 17th Congressional district for 24 years, and died last year from complications caused by Parkinson's Disease.

Black Hawk College

Hoping to save money at a time of rising costs and uncertain state funding, Black Hawk College has decided to close the sports program at its east campus in Galva. The change goes into effect next spring, and affects women's volleyball, plus men's and women's basketball teams. 

The tax levy for Black Hawk College may go up next year. Thursday night the board of trustees will discuss a staff recommendation for a 1.9 per cent increase.

Vice president of Finance and Administration, Steve Frommelt, says the owner of a 150,000 dollar home in the district would have to pay an additional 5-dollars and 20 cents per year. 

Also causing financial headaches for the college is falling state funding and the continuing state budget impasse.

Frommelt says the proposed tax levy increase would bring in an additional 680,000 dollars.

If Black Hawk trustees give their tentative approval tonight, the proposed levy will go on public display for a month, and could win final approval at the November meeting.

American Lung Association in Illinois

New and much stricter anti-tobacco rules go into effect Wednesday at state supported colleges and universities in Illinois. To comply with a new state law, smoking is banned completely, and so is the use of any tobacco product including snuff.

New BHC Vet Tech Center

Jun 17, 2015
Black Hawk College

Instead of dignitaries wielding shovels, two horses and a plow were used Tuesday to break ground for Black Hawk College. At the east campus near Kewanee, the college celebrated the beginning of construction of the new Veterinary Technology Center.

Before a final vote by trustees, Black Hawk College will hold two community forums on the budget proposed for next year. One will be held tonight at the east campus in Kewanee, with the second next Monday (6/15) at the Quad Cities campus in Moline.