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Death of Davenport Man Determined Justified

Susanna Kemerling
Scott County Attorney Michael Walton showing media the car chase and body cam footage.

An investigation shows local police who shot and killed a Davenport man were justified in using deadly force.

On Friday, the Scott County Attorney held a press conference about the October 30th shooting.           
24-year-old Kenneth Carrol died after an attempted traffic stop around 3 am. But, Carrol failed to stop, and officers pursued the car until it stopped near Kimberly Road and Elmore Avenue.
County Attorney Mike Walton says Carrol started shooting after he and his passengers ran away. Police officers from several agencies chased him and shot back.

"One of the passengers of Mr. Carrol's vehicle did observe him with a weapon shortly before he exited the vehicle at the scene."

Walton says Carrol’s autopsy shows his blood tested above the legal alcohol limit, and methamphetamine and cannabis were present in his system.
He also says the officers warned Carrol to get on the ground more than 15 times.  

"The officers requested Mr. Carrol get on the ground. He never complied. That's what caused the shooting, because had he gone to the ground— any of those times, including after he shot at officers— he would not have been shot."

Carrol had 13 gunshot wounds and died at the scene in Davenport by Pleasant Creek. Recovered at the scene were eleven rounds that came from Carrol’s five millimeter pistol. The six officers on the scene discharged 53 rounds.
Walton says the use of deadly force was justified according to Iowa law, because they believed their lives were in danger.
The six officers at the scene worked for the Iowa State Patrol, and the Davenport and Bettendorf Police Departments. They are all on paid administrative leave until internal investigations are completed.

Susanna Kemerling is WVIK Quad Cities NPR's 2022 Fellowship Host/Reporter. She graduated from Northern Illinois University for Media Studies in Communication and spent the last year working as a Teaching Assistant through the graduate program at NIU.