Sales Tax Helps Another R.I. School

Dec 18, 2019

Thanks to voter approval of the local option sales tax, the Rock Island School District is fixing up its buildings. Wednesday district officials cut a ribbon to celebrate improvements at Earl Hanson Elementary School.

Superintendent Reginald Lawrence says it feels good to do something you know will have an impact on students. 

"We're making school safe for students and families. And also improving our environment so that our children can learn and have the best of everything there is to offer."

Building Supervisor Greg Williams says the new, secure entrance makes the school a lot safer. But more than that, the new lights, ceilings, carpeting, and media center make it more inviting for the children.

"The kids come in and they're happy to be here and we're so proud of that. And we work very hard to build a relationship with all our kids to make them know that they're safe and we want them to have the best opportunity to learn."

This year the district spent more than one million dollars at three schools.

The local option sales tax for schools in Rock Island County was approved in 2016, and brings in about 3 million dollars a year for the Rock Island schools.