RME Successful Fund Drive

Apr 24, 2015

An organization devoted to featuring live music, and music education, has just concluded a successful fund drive. A two-month campaign by the River Music Experience in Davenport ended March 31st, and it reached its goal of 62,000 dollars.

CEO Debbie Sandry-Powers says a lot of the credit for their success goes to Randy Unterzuber who's an avid fan of the RME and wanted to celebrate his 65th birthday.

The match from he and his wife added 65-hundred dollars to the campaign.

Sandry-Powers also made some changes in this year's Annual Appeal, including working much harder to promote it.

And thanks to careful planning, and this fundraising, the RME's debt has been cut from 180,000 dollars last year, to 80,000 now, with no bills more than two months old.