Reynolds & Loebsack View Davenport Flood

May 3, 2019

up close and personal with Mississippi floodwater.
Credit WVIK News

Wearing yellow boots and lime green vests, state officials toured flooded sections of downtown Davenport on Friday. Mayor Frank Klipsch was the guide for Governor Kim Reynolds, Lieutenant Governor Adam Gregg, and 2nd District Congressman Dave Loebsack. 

Several blocks lined with businesses and apartments have been surrounded by Mississippi River floodwater since a temporary floodwall failed on Tuesday. 

Scott Lehnert, owner and brewmaster of the Great River Brewery, told them what happened to his business. 

"When the surge came we had built sandbag walls, but it happened so fast, it had so much pressure, it just went right through them. Busted off our garage doors right off the walls."

Downtown property owner Pete Stopulos told them one new restaurant was the victim of bad timing. 

"You can see the restaurant Half Nelson that Matt Osborn owns, ready to open on Tuesday night."

"I had reservations by the way." (laughter)

That was Mayor Klipsch who's dinner plans had to be canceled. 

The temporary floodwall protecting this section of downtown Davenport had held back the river for 41 days before the breach on Tuesday. Downtown residents and businesses had been warned beforehand that it might fail, but still had little time, only about one hour, to protect their buildings and evacuate.