Money Approved to Upgrade Loud Thunder

Sep 20, 2017

Credit RI County Forest Preserve District

Work could begin soon on major improvements at the Loud Thunder Forest Preserve in Rock Island County.  Tuesday night, the Forest Preserve Commission, made up of all the members of the county board, approved borrowing 4.5 million dollars.

The vote was 15 to 8.

Forest Preserve Director Jeff Craver says the money will pay for long-delayed repairs to the dam and spillway on Lake George, and modernize the campground.

"Our current RV campsite is packed every weekend, for the most part. And we only have 30 amp electrical service and it does not have sewer service. In order to accommodate a wider range of customers, 50 amp service, along with water and sewer hookups, we definitely believe will drive more people to our park."

And upgrading the campground and other facilities is expected to bring more people to Loud Thunder and to help pay for these projects.

A public hearing will be held next month, with a final vote in November.