Mississippi River Guidewall Repairs

Sep 18, 2018

More construction is coming to the Mississippi River near the Rock Island Arsenal. This project will repair a guidewall, which helps towboats enter the locks.

Civil Constructors of East Moline has begun building an access road to Lock and Dam 15. Once it's complete, workers can begin fixing the damaged guidewall.

Allen Marshall with the Corps of Engineers says the project started last May.

"So of our crews actually went in there and did some demolition on purpose because engineers within our district had been monitoring the concrete and it got to a point to where we were worried that the concrete would fall into the navigation channel there. They actually went ahead and got preemptive, so to speak, and took out that concrete as a temporary fix."

Marshall says Government Bridge may be closed at some point during construction. 

Most of the work will be done this coming winter. The Corps of Engineers would like to get the guidewall repairs completed by the end of next year.