MidAmerican Energy Estimates 3-4 Days Without Power

Aug 11, 2020

Davenport Mayor Mike Matson passes the podium to MidAmerican Energy spokesman Ben Keith at a press conference on Aug. 11 in the Davenport Police Department.
Credit Marianna Bacallao, WVIK News

Hurricane-level winds tore through the Quad Cities Monday, leaving hundreds of thousands without power. Quad Cities Public Works Departments have sent crews to pick up fallen trees and branches, but warn that it may take several weeks. 

MidAmerican Energy spokesman Ben Keith has a similar warning. 


"We're still assessing damages. We're still working through what kind of issues and situations that we're finding, but we're planning on a multi-day outtage and situation. Whether that's three or four days, time will tell." 

Keith says MidAmerican is prioritizing essential services, like hospitals and water treatment plants. 

At the peak, MidAmerican Energy reported 106,000 customers in the Quad Cities had no power. That number is now down to roughly 80,000. 

The Davenport Fire Department responded to over 200 calls, four times the usual call volume. Fallen trees hit powerlines and closed roads, such as 38th street in Rock Island and Devils Glen Road in Bettendorf.