MetroLINK & Moline Mayor Encourage Support for Mass Transit

Apr 24, 2019

MetroLINK and Moline Mayor Stephanie Acri will celebrate mass transit tomorrow in the Quad Cities and Chicago. Along with hundreds of transportation agencies across the country, they'll participate in "Get On Board Day."

Credit submitted / Stephanie Acri Facebook page

Acri says at Chicago's Union Station, she'll talk about how MetroLINK enhances and supports the local economy. For example, 67% of its riders are going to or from work.

The mayor will also discuss the need for Illinois to approve a capital spending bill.

Acri says the Illinois Quad Cities and state Department of Transportation have already invested millions of dollars in starting passenger rail service to Chicago. But the project needs about $80 million to continue.

Credit / Get On Board website

Tomorrow from 6 am until 5 pm, MetroLINK will host passenger appreciation day at Centre Station in downtown Moline.

The agency is asking people to support mass transit by telling elected officials to "Get On Board," too.

And in Chicago, Mayor Acri will join the Chicago Regional Transportation Authority for a press conference at 10 am.