IHMVCU Alerts Customers about Possible ATM Fraud in QC

Sep 4, 2019

Credit submitted / IHMVCU

Anyone who used an ATM over the weekend in the Quad Cities should check their accounts for missing money and unauthorized transactions.

IHMVCU says on Tuesday, something triggered its monitoring system.

Amy Orr is the credit union's Vice President of Marketing. She says, "Some IHMVCU members and customers of several financial intuitions were affected. We’re still gathering information on where it originated and will be working with local law enforcement to catch the fraudsters and assist our members... We encourage individuals to carefully review their account statements, and if something appears suspicious to contact their financial institution."

The Federal Trade Commission also recommends looking carefully at card readers at the gas pump and self-service checkouts in stores. Look for a security seal showing the unit has not been opened or tampered with.