Chamber's Top Legislative Priority: QC Regional Metropolitan Authority

Jan 14, 2020

The Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce wants to create a new way to pay for big projects that benefit the entire area.

Credit Quad Cities Chamber of Commerce

This morning, the chamber and leaders of its Q2030 initiative announced they plan to create the Quad Cities Regional Metropolitan Authority

Paul Rumler, the chamber's President and CEO, says it will require the approval of the Illinois and Iowa legislatures, Congress, and president.

Unelected members of the authority board would be appointed by local governments, and they'll gather donations and other revenue from a variety of sources. 

If the regional metropolitan authority is created and the board wants to collect tax revenue, simultaneous referenda would be required in Rock Island and Scott counties.

Rumler says the Quad Cities chamber has already talked with local state legislators, and identified sponsors for the bills.

After the creation of the Quad Cities Regional Metropolitan Authority, Rumler says the board could begin working on projects in six areas. 

  • Riverfront development, including flood mitigation
  • Planning and economic development
  • Infrastructure, including transportation and public works
  • Cultural and recreational amenities
  • Education
  • And natural resources